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At Dynamic Fleet Services, our clients are our foundation. Our dedicated mechanics work tirelessly to maintain diverse fleet vehicles, prioritizing effective communication that consistently exceeds expectations. 

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“These guys are awesome! Was driving by their shop with my 10 month old baby girl hauling a trailer. I blew a rear tire in front of their shop, and my Jack wouldn’t lift the truck high enough to change the tire. I walked up to Dynamic Fleet Services and asked to use a Jack to complete the change. Not only did they let me use the Jack, they had me pull it up in the shop, Jack it up, supplied me with air tools, and everything needed to change my tire within about 5 min. My daughter was screaming by this time so I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me get back on the road free of charge. I offered to pay them since I used all their tools, to change “MY” tire , but they refused. They replied just happy to help. That’s good stuff right there.”